How to Hire the Right Person for the Job

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Hiring managers all know how crucial it is to hire the right candidate. Hiring the wrong people to join your workplace could possibly make or break your business. Before you can begin your search for the perfect candidate to join your team, you need to establish what type of person the perfect candidate would ideally be, the specifics of the job description, and the salary range. Where is the best place to start searching for the ideal candidate? Ideally, one should start searching within your business network. The reason being, most working professionals have friends or former colleagues who are in the process of searching for a job. Always remember, networking is key!

Once you have scheduled an interview with a potential candidate, follow the tips below on how to ensure that you not only hire the right person for the job but also the right person for your business.

Pre-screen the potential candidates

A potential candidate could look good on paper; however, a pre-screening will identify whether their qualifications are a proper fit for the position in question.

Ensure that all references and backgrounds are valid

This is a very important step before actually hiring an employee. By doing these checks, you can verify whether the potential candidate possesses the skills and qualifications that he/she has mentioned in their CV.

Ensure that your interviewing skills are as good as it can possibly be

Preparation is essential before conducting an interview with a potential candidate. If there ever was a situation where you simply cannot “wing it”, this is it. Stay away from the standard interview questions and determine what type of information is needed to successfully identify whether the potential candidate will be a right fit and be able to do the job at hand efficiently.

Make use of a comprehensive evaluation form

When interviewing more than one candidate, it is important to make use of an evaluation form, as one can easily confuse candidates, especially if more than one interview has been conducted on the same day. This form can be used to summarise your impressions, and any other important information mentioned during the interview. This will ensure that you can compare the candidates and choose the ideal fit for the position and your company.

Don’t get stuck on the CV

It’s very important to look beyond the potential candidate’s CV. Get to know the potential candidate, this will be a clear indicator of whether he/she will be a good fit for your business.

Ask open-ended questions

One way of getting to know the potential candidate a little better is by asking open-ended questions that implore a longer answer.

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