Property Law

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property? You need legal assistance and sound advice. We can assist with:

  • General compliance before buying or selling a property
  • Perusal of sale agreements to ensure your rights are protected
  • Sale transfers / estate transfers / donation transfers / divorce transfers / etc.
  • The state of or remedy required in building compliance
  • Sectional title schemes and their management

Further, we provide a wide range of property related solutions to save you time and money. They include:

Agreements of sale +
Reviewing and drafting of agreements of sale
Residential property transfers +
  • Transfer of immovable property anywhere in South Africa
  • Drafting and authorised signature of the Offer to Purchase
Bond registrations +
  • Register a bond as a first-time property buyer
  • If you wish to enhance your existing home or property and need to register a bond or additional bond, we can assist.
  • We can assist to register a bond in the Deeds Office after bank loan approval and signing all the necessary documents
  • Registrations of private bonds
Sectional Title Developments +
  • We assist developers with the opening of Sectional Title schemes
  • Purchasing of the land, applications at the town council, consultations with all the other professionals involved such as Town Planners, Architects, Land Surveyors, the banks and Estate Agents
Technical Land Registration Processes +
We assist with all technical land registration processes i.e subdivisions, consolidations, extensions of Sectional Title units, extensions of Sectional Title schemes, creation of exclusive use areas within Sectional Title Schemes
Agreements of Lease +
Drafting and review of commercial and residential lease agreements
Joint Ownership Agreements +
Drafting and review of Joint-Ownership Agreements
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